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Square Enix Opens New Square Enix Music YouTube Channel

Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster Opera Screenshot with Celes on a castle rooftop

Music fans, rejoice! Square Enix has uploaded many of their albums on a YouTube channel called “Square Enix Music.” From the original Final Fantasy all the way up to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, there’s a lot of content on offer already. The channel even has albums such as the NieR Piano Collections and To Far Away Times, the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross arrange album, several playlists for major series like SaGa, Mana, and more. The channel also features some behind the scenes looks at various concerts and even interviews with various composers.

It’s wonderful to see more publishers add their soundtracks to streaming services and increase their availability. You can see the channel intro video below, or head over and browse for yourself!

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Zack Hubbard

Zack Hubbard

Zack is known in his friend group as, "The guy who plays weird games no one knows about." He loves all kinds of RPGs, listening to soundtracks, and pretending that he can fluently speak and read Japanese, as well as play the piano or sing.

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