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Rhythm Encounter 70 – Black and White Magic

Rhythm Encounter 070 Black and White Magic Piano

When it comes to instrumentation, it doesn’t get more fundamental than the piano. Not only is it often the first instrument that musicians learn, but its 88-note range and ability to play both melody and accompaniment give it unmatched versatility. Piano albums of RPG soundtracks have been popular for decades, and in today’s episode, our panel is going to take a deep dive into some of our favorite songs! From the soundtracks of indie darlings to the best arrangements that Square Enix has to offer, join us in a piano lesson you’ll never forget!

Featuring Jono Logan, Kaleb Curry, Patrick Gann, Pete Leavitt; Edited by Jono Logan

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0:06:30 – To Zanarkand (Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy X
0:09:35 – Mechanical Kingdom (Yoko Shimomura, arr. Mark Andrews) – Radiant Historia
0:32:22 – Ripples of Daydream (Yu-Peng Cheng) – Genshin Impact
0:33:43 – Field (Night) (Manaka Kataoka) – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
0:57:46 – H’aanit, the Hunter (Yasunori Nishiki) – Octopath Traveler
1:00:40 – Snowy (Toby Fox, arr. David Peacock) – Undertale
1:23:40 – Crystal Cave (Nobuo Uematsu, arr. Hiroyuki Nakayama) – Final Fantasy III
1:27:00 – Chrono Trigger (Piano Duo Ver) (Yasunori Mitsuda, arr. Takuro Iga) – Chrono Trigger
2:01:34 – Patrick’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Chrono Orchestra Arrangement Box

Final Fantasy X Original Soundtrack

Genshin Impact – The Shimmering Voyage

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Original Soundtrack

Octopath Traveler Original Soundtrack

Piano Collection Final Fantasy X-2

Piano Opera Final Fantasy I/II/III

Undertale Piano Collections

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