Chrono Trigger Arranged Version: The Brink of Time


Review by · June 10, 2000

Chrono Trigger: The Brink of Time is a collection of 10 arranged pieces that are Jazzy and Upbeat. I first had my doubts before purchasing this CD, because of the mixed reviews at Game Music Online, but went ahead and got it because I like both Chrono Trigger and Jazzy arrangements. Usually when there are so many mixed reviews of a CD, I buy it for myself and make my own opinion. Besides, the clip from Track 1 that Game Music Online provided was downright COOL.

I will say this first off: This is one of the most “interesting” CDs I have ever listened to. Some tracks, like Chrono Trigger, Secret of Forest, and World Revolution, are fun to listen to. Others are absolutely HORRIBLE. I don’t know what they were thinking when they recorded Zeal Palace and Warlock Battle. It seemed they were going for the “Hard Rock” motif with the wailing distorted guitars, and it ends up sounding disgustingly bad. Chrono Corridor is an “in-betweener” i.e. not being really bad or good. I really liked the rest of the tracks. In essence, you’re buying half a CD of good music. However, I found the good tracks so good that I find myself re-listening to this CD more than any other in my collection!

Overall, I found the CD to be pretty good (The good tracks, that is). My biggest complaint was that there was WAY too much Guitar. Sometimes, the Electric Guitar totally overpowered any other sounds, like a chainsaw through butter. To sum up: for the few tracks that are good, this CD is worth buying especially if you like Chrono Trigger and jazzy arrangements of game music, but keep in mind that some tracks are downright bad. If you would rather have Chrono Trigger music arranged, then you should probably go for the Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack ’99 CD.

Freddie’s Overall Grade: 81%

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