Final Fantasy VI Original Sound Version


Review by · May 16, 2000

Dear God, this soundtrack takes me back. It takes me back to the days when there was no such thing as an “old-school” gamer because the transition to all-graphics gaming hadn’t become a reality yet. Want to relive those feelings without having to play through that 30-hour game again? Have no fear, the FFVI soundtrack is here!

All of the music you know and love (if you played the game) is here. It’s so sweet. Even those digitized vocals sound marvelous (that’s right, the opera in original format!). Some of the most astounding music ever created on a keyboard has to be the last boss theme “Dancing Mad.” 17 minutes long, oh yes! Consisting of all those “pillars” of bad guys before and then including angelic-Kefka…Phew, the music is the bomb.

I also enjoyed the 21 minute ending theme which recaps the theme music to every character and has some other music to go with it. Disc 3 is easily the best of the 3 discs, but disc 1 is fun too. It’s too bad the middle discs are always the least creative, or so it feels in the Uematsu collection (though the opera is on disc 2).

Luckily, this CD is still being reprinted to this day. In other words, it’s an easy find and a must-buy!

Note: Track 16 of disc 2 is named “??”…it’s not a misprint in the book and it’s not some track we couldn’t translate, that is the name of the track (it’s Gogo’s theme).

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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