Final Fantasy VII Original Sound Track


Review by · May 6, 2000

Final Fantasy VII was very controversial for its American release. The transition from low-graphic high-storyline to “allegedly low-story” high-graphic was a big deal to most people. Unfortunately, a lot of people who are all anti-FFVII “old-school” will not listen to the music.

It is true, Uematsu was only given less than a year to write this music whereas he was given two to write FFVI (I know this sounds awkward, but apparently it’s correct). True, the music may not be as “memorable” with exception to the infamous Aeris theme song. However, when listening to it for the first time, I remember each melody, can sing along to it, and name locations in the game where the song was played. If that’s not memorable, I don’t know what is.

It is also true, there is definitely a different “style” compared to previous Uematsu works. Different doesn’t mean worse, people. I enjoy this soundtrack as much as FFVI and FFV, but in a different way. I feel that needs to be understood before you can even enjoy the soundtrack. This soundtrack can be purchased at Game Music Online for $48 or at the less-quickly delivering Anime Nation for a mere $40. For 4 discs, this OST is very worth the purchase!

My favorite songs on here are sampled, but the best by far has to be “You can Hear the Cry of the Planet”…I’ve always loved that song.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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