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Rhythm Encounter 129 – Level One: RPG Beginnings

Rhythm Encounter 129 Level One RPG Beginnings - art from Yakuza 0, Chrono Cross, FF Crystal Chronicles

Previously on Rhythm Encounter, we have talked about some important first impressions, namely some of our favorite intro themes, and even title screen music. But what happens next is just as important: the opening hours of an RPG can really set the stage for what’s to come. When thinking about our favorite games, it’s fun to think back to how they began, and how well the mood and world is established through the narrative, characters, and of course, the music. Today we’re sharing some of our favorite early game tunes that were instrumental (sorry not sorry) in getting us into some great games.

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Michael Sollosi, Patrick Gann, Wes Iliff; Edited by Paul Dennis


0:06:23 – Reminiscence (Miki Higashino) – Suikoden II
0:08:11 – Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World (Yasunori Mitsuda) – Chrono Cross
0:31:30 – City of Bells (Ken Nakagawa) – Atelier Iris ~Eternal Mana~
0:33:32 – Caravan Crossroad (Kumi Tanioka) – Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
0:57:24 – Autumn’s Rise (Deniz Akbulut) – CrossCode
1:00:14 – Garland Office (Yoshitaka Hirota) – Shadow Hearts: From the New World
1:16:50 – Unary Game (Shinji Hosoe) – 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
1:19:04 – Pledge of Demon (Hidenori Shoji) – Yakuza 0
1:51:57 – Sollosi’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

[999]: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors Soundtrack

Atelier Iris Eternal Mana Original Soundtrack

Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

CrossCode Original Soundtrack

Genso Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack Complete Box

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Original Soundtrack

Shadow Hearts: From the New World Original Soundtracks

Yakuza 0 Original Soundtrack (Side A)

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