Suikoden II


Picking up some years after the original, Suikoden II brings players to a whole other corner of the world, to the kingdom of Highland. Players assume the role of Riou, controlling him and his best friend Jowy and sister Nanami as they escape from a murder plot and then become embroiled in the plans of rebel forces.

The game features turn-based party combat with six standard characters drawn from a pool of 108 total recruits. There is also a revamped version of Army battles, with tactical troop movement managed on a grid. Duels also return at key points in the game, allowing Riou to fight rival generals and other major antagonists in a rock-paper-scissors setup of attack, strong attack, and defense. The player’s home base expands as characters are recruited and the plot progresses, with shops and services opening up, as well as new troop options, weapons upgrades, and other utilities.

Like the original, Suikoden II follows the themes of the work which inspired it, Shuǐhǔ Zhuàn (水滸傳) or The Water Margin, including rebelling against imperial conflict, forging ties of friendship with allies, and bringing all 108 stars together under Riou’s leadership.

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