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Rhythm Encounter 45 – Music of the Year 2016: Second Movement

Music of the Year 2016 rolls on! You’re probably reading this on Monday, but where I live, it’s still Sunday, and therefore this is “on time.” Seriously though, we intentionally posted this a bit later in the evening since we wanted to give ourĀ import review of NieR: AutomataĀ time to shine all weekend.

And now, with the weekend over (boo), we can bring you another special edition podcast (yay!). For this episode, we welcomed two of our favorite special guests, and as usual, they brought some great music along.

Come back on Monday (okay, later on Monday, smart guy) for the third part of MOTY, which will feature the personal music selections of eleven RPGFan Editors. You won’t want to miss it!

If you’re looking for more Music of the Year goodness, look no further than our second exceptional movement on Rhythm Encounter. On this episode, two longtime friends of the show, Michael Cunningham fromĀ RPGamerĀ and Don Kotowski fromĀ Video Game Music Online, join us to share their favorite music from 2016.

Missed our first MOTY episode and want to catch up? Head on over to ourĀ Music of the Year 2016Ā hub and get listening!

Featuring:Ā Caitlin Argyros,Ā Michael “Mac” Cunningham, andĀ Don Kotowski


0:02:44 – World of Sunshine – World of Final Fantasy
0:05:56 – Soul of Cinder – Dark Souls III
0:23:25 – ARDYN II – Final Fantasy XV
0:26:11 – Interminable Dilemma – Zero Time Dilemma
0:43:05 – Wintry Arrival – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
0:46:11 – Battlefield ā€” Activation (FM Ver.) – Etrian Odyssey V

Listener Picks
1:05:18 – In the Deep Woods – Stardew Valley
1:07:23 – Dance of the Moonlight Jellies – Stardew Valley
1:09:11 – Fall (The Smell of Mushroom) – Stardew Valley

Bonus Background Tracks
0:00:30 – Bar Time (Relaxing) – Atelier Sophie
0:21:10 – Home – Deus Ex: Human Revolution
0:41:40 – Sator, Phosphorescent Land – Xenoblade Chronicles
0:56:19 – Distant Star (Leknaat’s Theme) – Suikoden II
1:04:24 – Lake Bresha – Final Fantasy XIII

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