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Random Encounter 196 – Trying Some New Things

Random Encounter 196

On this episode of Random Encounter, Hilary needs you to know that Iron Danger is great and you should probably play it! After the Nintendo Indie showcase, Raji: An Ancient Epic caught Hilary’s attention and she dishes on her experience so far! Rogue Legacy 2 has opened its Early Access phase and is so far shaping up to match its predecessor. Jo has been adventuring in Suikoden II and is a true Star of Destiny themselves. If the hype of Suikoden isn’t enough, we’re all stoked for Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes! Lastly, the pending release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon has Jono on the edge of his seat and willing to fight Jo, or any others, to review it! Episode 200 is coming, so give us your suggestions for what you want to hear on it!

Featuring: Greg Delmage, Jono Logan, Hilary Andreff, Jo Padilla; Edited by Brian Ingemanson

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Greg Delmage

Greg Delmage

As a fan of the RPG oeuvre, it seemed only natural that Greg Delmage should join RPGFan on the Random Encounter podcast (and sometimes reviewer)! When not auditioning or doing what he can at RPGFan, Greg enjoys adventuring with his swell partner Annette, helping raise their daughter, and playing many a board and video game! Want to chat all things Nintendo, Final Fantasy or Harvest Moon? Greg is always down.

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I played Iron Danger when it released earlier this year. I did find the constant rewinding to be a little bit tedious, and it is definitely baked into the design. You basically have to play as a perfectionist to get through (or at least it is your best interest to do so), which means a lot a tweaking your motions until you get through unscathed. It's definitely a rough game with potential, and the sudden ending definitely caught me off guard. Suikoden 2 and Suikoden 5 are probably the best two Suikoden games overall (though Suikoden 5 takes about 10 hours to get going). Suikoden 2 I think does a really great job balancing the large political-style intrigue and the personal story between the three main characters. The 'waiting for Jowy' scene (if you've played, you know it) is one of the most suspenseful / emotional draining scenes out there. And yeah, the recruiting mechanics, base building, and team management is pretty fun on its own. I'm pretty excited for Eiyuden Chronicles, and also having Michiko Naruke on board for part of the soundtrack is just a cherry on top.

Greg Delmage
Greg Delmage

The more people talk about Suikoden the more I need to get back to it... I briefly touched on Suikoden 4 in my teens but didn't have a memory card, so I didn't make much progress. It sounds REALLY intriguing, so I should probably fix my gaming history gaps heh. Thanks for listening, Seda!

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