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Suikoden II Officially Licensed Merch Revealed by SuperGroupies

Suikoden II SuperGroupies Merchandise

Fashion brand and retailer SuperGroupies has partnered with Konami to launch a line of Suikoden II-themed fashion items! This collection celebrates the cult classic RPG’s 25th anniversary and boasts six items, including watches and bags inspired by the game’s protagonist, Riou, and fan favorites Luc and Jowy!

This Suikoden II line will launch in early February 2024, and SuperGroupies is accepting preorders for the merch from now until August 27th at 8 PM PST. These stylish items don’t come cheap, though: they currently range in price from $150 to $190 USD, and those prices don’t include taxes or shipping costs. Still, it’s Suikoden II, so it’s probably worth it ….

Here’s more detail on some of this soon-to-be-available Suikoden II merch, courtesy of SuperGroupies:

■ Hero Model Watch
This antique gold & brown watch with red accents is inspired by the Hero and his outfit. The hour and
minute hands are directly modeled after his Twin Fang, while the 3 crystal stones symbolize the deep
bond between the Hero, Jowy, and Nanami as childhood friends. The crown is etched with the mark
that Jowy carved in stone, a symbol of his and the Hero’s promise that they’ll make it together.
■ Jowy Model Bag
This navy tote bag with brown accents is inspired by Jowy and his outfit. The shoulder strap in brown
with metal rings boldly mimics his chest belt, and inside is an original embossed tag featuring the
Hero, Jowy, and Nanami’s weapons. The pocket zipper pull is a metal plate adorned with the Black
Sword Rune and the Bright Shield Rune, reflecting the relationship between Jowy and the Hero!
■ Luc Model Watch
This fresh green & brown watch with silver accents is inspired by Luc and his outfit.
The center of the dial features a vertical metal design and etching referring to the decoration from his
clothes, while the True Wind Rune softly shines at 3 o’clock. The blue crystal stone set on the crown
refers to his bond with Sasarai, and the second hand is directly modeled after Luc’s iconic Wind Rod.

This announcement comes as we anxiously await more Suikoden news: the release date for Suikoden I & II HD Remaster: Gate Rune and Dunan Unification Wars. This remastered bundle is rumored to release this October, but the last official word from Konami was that we should expect the remasters sometime this year. Enjoy screenshots of these beauts as we wait to learn when to expect them!

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