Vagrant Story Original Soundtrack


Review by · October 15, 2000

Anyone who knows anything about Sakimoto knows that he’s good at what he does. Knowing this, everyone expected the Vagrant Story soundtrack to be good well ahead of time. Were expectations met? Yes, yes, and…yes!

Sakimoto’s style retains itself from Final Fantasy Tactics, except that since he had to write music for “dungeons” (which didn’t really exist in FFT), there are a lot of soft (but intense) background tracks. This sort of thing kept some people from buying the soundtrack. To this, I say “don’t make such foolish decisions! Buy it anyway, the other tracks make up for it!”…And this is true. In another comparison to FFT, FFT‘s soundtrack consisted of both Sakimoto and Iwata. I have nothing against Iwata, and I normally like soundtracks with multiple composers, but if you want hardcore Sakimoto, this CD is it. The driving techno tracks mixed with orchestrations and that cool harp he runs through all his good songs…mmm…so good…

I feel that I have to say no more about this soundtrack and leave the samples to do their job. Want this soundtrack? DigiCube’s gone out of business, but the Square Enix reprint is now available. Get it before that, too, becomes obscure.

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Patrick Gann

Patrick Gann

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