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Square Enix Reveals Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary News is Coming Soon

Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary Logo, the Distant Worlds concerts' object of celebration

During an earnings call on May 13th, Square Enix revealed that fans should expect more news regarding the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary later this month or in early June! The publisher also stated that its plans this year are centered around the major franchise, and that they have high expectations for the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI!

What Could We See From the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary?

With it being the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary, there is hope that Square Enix will make some big announcements to mark the occasion. Over the past year, interviews with producers at the company, as well as the Nvidia leaks, may hint towards what we could see revealed by the publisher.

  • Final Fantasy XVI We were told recently by producer Naoki Yoshida that FFXVI is almost done, and a new trailer is coming soon. We may even get a release date alongside the trailer.
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2 – Earlier this year, FFVIIR producer Yoshinori Kitase revealed that he hopes to be able to share more information regarding Part 2 later this year. With it being VII‘s 25th anniversary, as well as the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary, a Remake Part 2 reveal definitely seems like a possibility.
  • Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (console ports) – Perhaps the most crushing reveal from E3 2021 was that the FF I-VI Pixel Remasters were not coming to consoles. However, if rumors are to be believed, then these titles may be console-bound in the near future. Perhaps ports will be announced as part of the Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary celebrations.
  • Final Fantasy IX Remake – One of the games listed on the leaked Nvidia list was a remake of FFIX. Many of the leaks have now come to fruition, including the release of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition and FFVIIR making its way to PC. Lets hope this project really is in the works and we get a reveal soon!
  • Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster – This was another game listed in the Nvidia leaks. With the recent success of Triangle Strategy, hopefully Square continue to release more SRPGs, with a remaster of Final Fantasy Tactics being among them.

Obviously a lot of this is rumor and speculation, but it does seem like we could be in for a year full of exciting Final Fantasy announcements! Make sure to keep an eye out on RPGFan’s news feed, where we will make sure to cover anything announced regarding the series and its 35th anniversary!

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