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Indivisible Now Available For Nintendo Switch Without Developer’s Knowledge

Indivisible, the sidescrolling RPG adventure created by Lab Zero Games, is now available for the Nintendo Switch, via the North American and European eShop, complimenting its launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC last October. The port has, however, released without any preamble nor with the developer’s foreknowledge, confirmed via Twitter by Mike Zaimont, the project lead of Indivisible.

Zaimont also confirmed, in a subsequent thread of Tweets that the version of Indivisible currently available for the Nintendo Switch runs smoothly, praising the porting team for their involvement. However, he has also highlighted that this version is an older build, lacking both the recently released co-op and New Game+ modes. Zaimont concluded by stating that the abrupt release itself, having no PR or lead-up, “…does not represent the quality standards of Lab Zero.”

An official post, via the Indivisible website, states that the Nintendo Switch version will be updated in the near future, bringing a further host of technical improvements including lighting fixes, resolution upgrades, and processing optimization. It also states that an official Japanese version for the Nintendo Switch will launch on July 16th, published by Spike Chunsoft with publisher H2 Interactive handling both the Korean and South-East Asian launches respectively.

However, physical editions for this version of Indivisible will be long in the coming, with the post detailing that a “digital-first strategy” has been implemented, as to not put pressure on worldwide retail chains. A sole exception to this decision has been detailed, with a small number of physical cartridges being manufactured for the original Indiegogo backers, who chose a physical copy of the Nintendo Switch version as their reward for backing Indivisible. The post promises to “…ship these to backers as fast as possible…” with a potential 1 to 2 month wait time. Digital backers of the Indiegogo campaign are set to receive their copies as soon as information on where and how to collect them becomes available.

Indivisible follows heroine Ajna as she seeks to fight against and defeat an evil force that left her town and former life in ruins. However, she fights not alone but with Incarnations, various people that she meets and can absorb to fight alongside her, extolling themes of unification and adventure as key points within Indivisible’s core theme and narrative.

Personally, my heart goes out to the team at Lab Zero Games for an unfortunate timing mishap within an industry that, at times, can be utterly rife with them. Indivisible is a fun game, and here’s hoping its arrival on the Nintendo Switch heralds a host of new fans for it in the months to come.

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Indivisible is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and, now, Nintendo Switch.

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