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Video Review: The Yakuza Remastered Collection brings every crisis of the Tojo Clan to modern consoles!

Jono took on the daunting task of fighting his way through the many thugs of the Yakuza Remastered Collection. That’s 3 massive entries in this hit series! He was in and out of karaoke bars, clubs, back alleys and beating down foes with whatever was in reach!

Check out his review through the wonders of video over at our YouTube channel! (Or, you know, here, because embedding!)

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Greg Delmage

Greg Delmage

As a fan of the RPG oeuvre, it seemed only natural that Greg Delmage should join RPGFan on the Random Encounter podcast (and sometimes reviewer)! When not auditioning or doing what he can at RPGFan, Greg enjoys adventuring with his swell partner Annette, helping raise their daughter, and playing many a board and video game! Want to chat all things Nintendo, Final Fantasy or Harvest Moon? Greg is always down.

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