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New Details Released for Pokemon Sword and Shield’s DLC Expansions

The Pokémon Company recently held a broadcast wherein they released a ton of new information on the upcoming Expansion Pass content coming to Pokémon Sword and Shield, The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. First up, we have a new trailer, and a release date for The Isle of Armor: June 17th.

Watch the trailer below:

There’s a lot of stuff to be excited about in these DLC packs! In particular, we can see the two new “Regis” (elemental-specific Legendary Pokémon first introduced in the series’ third generation) that were teased when the Expansion Pass was announced. Their names are Regieleki, an Electric-type with the ability Transistor, and Regidrago, a Dragon-type with the ability Dragon’s Maw. Regieleki has a new attack called Thunder Cage, which traps its adversaries in an electric cage for multiple turns. Regidrago’s signature move is Dragon Energy, which does more damage based on HP (it is unclear as of this writing whether or not the HP in question is the opponent’s or Regidrago’s. Probably the former, but you know, just thought I’d mention it).

We also learned more about the Galarian forms of the Legendary Birds. All of them swap out their previous element of Fire, Ice, or Electric-type for a new one, but are still also considered Flying-type Pokémon. Galarian Articuno is a Psychic/Flying type with the ability Competitive and the new attack Freezing Glare. Galarian Zapdos is Fighting/Flying with the ability Defiant and the move Thunderous Kick. Lastly, Galarian Moltres is Dark/Flying with the ability Berserk and the attack Fiery Wrath. I’m really digging on their new designs, especially Articuno’s!

Speaking of Galarian forms, we’ve already met Galarian Slowpoke in a previous update, which means its time to meet Galarian Slowbro! You, uh… you’ve got something on your arm, buddy. Galarian Slowbro has the ability Quick Draw and the special attack Shell Side Arm. It is a Poison/Psychic-type.

A few more details of note: there’s a special item referred to at the Cram-o-matic, which lets players combine up to 4 items to form new items. A new feature introduced in Isle of Armor is “Max Soup,” which grants any Pokémon the ability to transform into their special Gigantimax form (noted by a red X in their summary) if they weren’t able to do so already. Kind of late after I spent ages hunting down a Gigantimax Butterfree, but you know. I guess they had to figure out how to give your starter ‘mons their shiny new G-Max forms. Speaking of, if you’re using the mobile version of Pokémon Home, you can recieve a Grookey, Sobble, and Scorbunny with their Hidden Abilities by transferring a Pok&eaute;mon over from Sword/Shield and then accessing the app’s Mystery Gift feature.

By trading Armorite Ore to special Move Tutors, you’ll be able to unlock two snazzy new attacks: the Fire-type Burning Jealousy, and the Grass-Type Grassy Glide. What, no love for Water-type? Well, maybe in the next update. Speaking of Water-types, though, Gigantimax Blastoise gets a new attack called G-Max Cannonade, which does continuous damage. The same applied to Gigantimax Venusaur, which can use G-Max Vine Lash for the same effect. It looks as though you’ll be able to recieve one of the Kanto starters in the Isle of Armor, too!

On the subject of new attacks, the Mythical Pokémon Urshifu, on whom a large part of The Isle of Armor is based on, can learn one of two special G-Max attacks based on what form it chooses. Single-Strike Urshifu can use G-Max One Blow, while Rapid Strike Urshifu can use G-Max Rapid Flow. The Pokémon’s Gigantimax form even gets a different color when it transforms, which is more than Flapple and Appletun got! I’m not salty about that what-so-ever, no, sir! ahem

The next part of the DLC offerings, The Crown Tundra, won’t arrive until later this year, but a couple of new features we can expect in that update includes the Dynamax Adventure function, which appears to be a more coordinated four-player raid on Dynamax Raid dens scattered across the region. There will also be a Galarian Star Tournament held in Wyndon, where players can engage in double battles with the game’s cast. Exciting!

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