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The World Ends with You’s Anime Adaptation Gets a Launch Window

The recently announced anime adaptation of Square Enix’s cult classic The World Ends with You will grace worldwide shores sometime in 2021. While that’s a pretty big window to work with, fans can rest assured that production isn’t only moving along swimmingly — it’s also coming along beautifully.

If that ain’t a stylish reveal trailer, I don’t know what is. In the past, not all animated productions blending together 2D and 3D (CG) art forms have turned out great — I won’t name any names, but I’m pretty sure one particular fanbase went Berserk — but it seems like the talented team at Square Enix have found a sweet spot that combines the inherent 2D coolness of TWEWY‘s hallmark character designs with a fresh gorgeousness made possible via cleverly-utilized 3D.

As of now, relatively little is known about the project beyond what has been shown. There were, however, a few choice comments made by series director Kazuya Ichikawa at Anime Expo Lite. For one thing, Ichikawa confirmed that the television adaptation will reflect 2020 rather than 2007. Thirteen years have passed since The World Ends with You debuted on Nintendo DS and the creators have chosen to envision a Shibuya where flip phones have given way to smartphones and various other visual elements have been suitably updated as well. When he was questioned on whether or not the anime will chart the same narrative course as the game, Ichikawa elected not to give away the answer.

That’s OK. Mysteries are fun. But as those answers begin to emerge, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Source: Nova Crystallis

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