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Rhythm Encounter 52 – Undertale Turns Five

Rhythm Encounter 52 - Undertale Turns Five

You’re gonna have a good time.

We featured Undertale across all three parts of our Music of the Year 2015 podcast trio (see links below), but the indie darling didn’t often make Rhythm Encounter appearances afterwards, so we thought it was time to change that. Because this month marks exactly 5 years since Undertale released in 2015, we knew we had little choice but to make our second comeback episode about Toby Fox’s masterful soundscape. Mike, Alana, and Jo bring some of their favorite selections from not only the original Undertale soundtrack, but a sampling of some of the many stunning arrangements that have appeared in the last five years.

So get some nice cream and settle in for some choice Undertale tunes. And above all, stay determined.

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Alana Hagues, Eva Padilla; Edited by Mike Salbato


0:04:45 – Once Upon A Time by Toby Fox – Undertale Soundtrack
0:06:05 – ASGORE by Laura Platt – Undertale – Fragments of a Heart
0:10:09 – Inner Monologue of a Bird Waiting on the Edge by Bonnie Bogovich – FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute
0:35:45 – His Theme by (千π (SenPi)) – Straight from the Underground
0:40:49 – MEGALOVANIA by Toby Fox – Undertale Soundtrack
0:43:24 – Waterfall by Jonas Munk Lindbo – Undertale & Chill
1:13:35 – Jo’s Bonus Track

Bonus background track
1:07:00 – Quiet Winds by Damian Nguyen – FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute

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Album Links

Straight from the Underground by Tiny Waves

Undertale Soundtrack by Toby Fox

FALLEN: An Undertale Tribute by Materia Collective

Undertale & Chill by Jonas Munk Lindbo

Undertale – Fragments of a Heart by Laura Platt

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