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Rhythm Encounter 55 – Relaxing Rhythm Part 2

Rhythm Encounter 055

We’re just here to vibe…again. There’s so much good relaxing music within our favorite genre that we needed two episodes to cover it. We delve into a nice assortment here (from 16-bit to recent releases) and discuss how these relaxing picks fit into their in-game settings, whether it’s a nice underwater atmosphere or around a campfire. Relax and be well, listeners, but also remember that ambiance is important.

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Hilary Andreff, Peter Triezenberg; Edited by Mike Salbato


0:03:55 – Slumber in Stillness (Ryan Roth & Halina Heron) – Moon Hunters OST
0:05:33 – Gardens and Ruins (Darren Malley) – Mythic Ocean OST
0:19:50 – Hepatica (KOS-MOS) (Yuki Kajiura) – Xenosaga Episode III Original Sound Best Tracks
0:24:55 – In the Earthen Womb (Yasuhiro Kawasaki) – Illusion of Gaia
0:44:11 – Calming Drizzle (Andrew Jeremy) – Coffee Talk Official Soundtracks!
0:49:30 – Crystalline Chill (Yoko Shimomura/Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy XV OST
1:10:45 – Hilary’s Bonus Track!

Bonus background tracks
1:05:29 – Daguerreo, The Hermit’s Library (Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy IX OST
1:07:00 – Across the Ages (Zach Parrish) – Sakura Fantasy OST

Album Links

Coffee Talk Official Soundtracks!

Moon Hunters Original Soundtrack

Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathustra Original Sound Best Tracks

Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack

Mythic Ocean Original Game Soundtrack

Note: An official soundtrack was never released for Illusion of Gaia. In addition, the Xenosaga Episode III soundtrack is out of print.

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