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Rhythm Encounter 57 – Final Fantasy IX-20

Rhythm Encounter 057 - Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy IX saw the light of day in North America almost exactly twenty years ago today. It was on November 13, 2000 that the crystals returned, and Final Fantasy took a reprieve from the realism and sci-fi or steampunk overtones to harken back to castles, kingdoms, and big heads. Since FFIX has somehow only lightly featured on Rhythm Encounter in the past, this anniversary was the perfect time to celebrate Nobuo Uematsu’s extensive soundtrack(s) for the adventures of Zidane, Garnet, and company.

Featuring: Eva Padilla, Greg Delmage, Mike Salbato; Edited by Mike Salbato


0:03:15 – Behind the Door (Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy IX OST
0:05:14 – Ukelele de Chocobo (Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy IX OST
0:22:06 – Rose of May (Erutan) – A Bard’s Side Quest
0:26:36 – Freya’s Theme (Nobuo Uematsu) – Final Fantasy IX OST
0:43:55 – Vamo alla Django: Vamo alla Flamenco Overclocked Remix (Andy Pearce, Cain McCormack and Dan Bryant) – OC Remix / Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart
0:46:51 – Melodies of Life – Piano Collections: Final Fantasy IX
1:09:15 – Greg’s Bonus Track!

Bonus background tracks
0:29:42 – Roses of May – Final Fantasy IX OST
1:03:25 – Not Alone – Final Fantasy IX OST

Album Links

Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack

A Bard’s Side Quest

Final Fantasy IX – Piano Collections

Final Fantasy IX: Worlds Apart

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