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Xenogears “Structure Arts” Plastic Model Kits Announced

Xenogears Structure Arts

Xenogears fans are getting a real and very rare treat: four new plastic model kits of Weltall, Vierge, Heimdall, and Brigandier!

The kits will each come with a number of optional hand parts, accessories such as Brigandier’s whips, and pedestals for posing. Each figure will be between 105-120mm tall, and come on runners for fans to assemble. Each kit is 1/144 scale.

The kits are being released in March 2021 by Square Enix as “Xenogears Structure Arts 1/144 Scale Plastic Model Kit Series Vol.1 Set 4″ and retail for ¥8,712 yen.

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Update 11/25: If you want your own little Gear to build and care for, you can now pre-order these on AmiAmi or the Japanese Square Enix Store!

Source: Square Enix Collectibles Indonesia

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