Xenogears is a science-fiction epic spanning two discs, featuring animated cutscenes by Production I.G. and music by Yasunori Mitsuda. The game follows Fei Fong Wong, an orphan raised in the pastoral village of Lahan, who quickly becomes embroiled in the political conflicts of the two warring nations nearby: Kislev and Aveh.

Players take control of Fei and his party, using martial arts combos in a turn-based battle system, both on foot and while piloting giant mechs called “Gears.” Regular gameplay includes some light platforming and exploration elements, with both humans and mechs playing an integral role in both mechanics and plot. The story spans thousands of years, with the main focus on unraveling the mysterious powers behind the world’s current civilization, their conflicts, and the clandestine forces which target Fei and his friends.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Xenogears Cameron Hamm Sony PlayStation
Xenogears Damian Thomas Sony PlayStation
Xenogears Esque Sony PlayStation
Xenogears James Quentin Clark Sony PlayStation 3

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
Cafe SQ Bob Richardson November 23, 2011
Colours of Light: yasunori mitsuda vocal collection Liz Maas August 26, 2009
Creid: Yasunori Mitsuda & Millenial Fair Patrick Gann April 22, 1998
Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album Stephen Meyerink February 23, 2011
Myth: The Xenogears Orchestral Album Stephen Meyerink February 23, 2011
Prescription for Sleep: Game Music Lullabies Volume II Derek Heemsbergen April 27, 2015
SQ Chips Derek Heemsbergen September 21, 2011
SQ Chips 2 Damian Thomas July 25, 2012
Square Enix Battle Tracks Vol.2: Square 1996-1998 Patrick Gann September 15, 2010
Square Vocal Collection Damian Thomas June 20, 2001
Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda Lucy Rzeminski October 7, 2001
Xenogears Light: An Arranged Album Ben Schweitzer February 8, 2005
Xenogears Original Soundtrack Jason Walton March 1, 1998

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