Xenogears Original Soundtrack


Review by · December 11, 2004

Boldly going where I’ve never gone before, this is my first experience with Mitsuda’s musical style. Having heard numerous times, that Xenogears has the best RPG soundtrack of all time, I felt I had to witness this myself. Does it live up to the claim? Well, yes and no. Considering that I’ve never experienced the actual game myself, it’s difficult for me to fully appreciate the soundtrack. It’s like being given a can of pie filling and told to eat it, and being expected to enjoy it as if it were a freshly baked pie.

“Light From The Netherworld” was an awesome way of opening the soundtrack. It was my personal favorite song out of the two CDs, with a totally different musical style than I’m accustomed to, and I really enjoyed listening. However, that track did set my expectations high, as the rest of the tracks on both CDs weren’t as good in my opinion, but they were definitely great. “Bonds of Sea and Flame” was another one of those exceptional tracks, and what I’ve heard that is the final boss music, “One Who Bares Fangs with God,” was a very moody and fitting track. The final track on the second CD, “Small Two of Pieces,” is one of the most beautiful vocal songs I’ve ever heard, ending the second CD in the best way possible. Overall, this soundtrack was an enjoyable experience, and is highly recommended to any RPG music fanatic, whether you’ve experienced Mitsuda or not.

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Jason Walton

Jason Walton

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