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You Can Officially Stream the Xenogears Soundtrack Now

A screenshot of an eye during a cutscene in Square's (later Square Enix) Xenogears.

Surprise! Square Enix has stealth-dropped the original soundtrack of Xenogears on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, to celebrate the PSone classic’s 26th anniversary. Listen to all 44 tracks of one of the all-time great video game scores on your music app of choice.

To commemorate the 26th anniversary of the RPG “Xenogears” released in 1998, Streaming distribution of all 44 songs included in “Xenogears Original Soundtrack” starts today on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc.

Action figures aside, this is the first time we’ve seen Square do something with this game in eons. A shareholder straight-up asked the company last year to remaster Xenogears, so at least we know Square knows people want it. For the love of Deus, Square, remaster it.

Our own Noah Leiter revisited the game for its 25th anniversary last year, and I can say that he left the rose-tinted glasses at home. He contends that the game holds up, but it needs some modern conveniences and fine-tuning.

Only time will tell if the OST’s streaming debut portends anything, so keep posted to RPGFan for updates as they come!

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Gio Castillo

Gio Castillo

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