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Rhythm Encounter 84 – VGM for Life Events: Wedding Special!

Rhythm Encounter 084 VGM Weddings

It’s spring, and I suppose that means wedding season is beginning soon? In any case, it’s the perfect time to debut a new series of episodes here on Rhythm Encounter: VGM for life events. Especially with the increased capacity for intricate instrumental music within soundtracks, RPGs are able to convey a variety of moods, emotions, and tones throughout your adventures. This gives fans a great opportunity to be thoughtful about how to use VGM in their daily lives and for major life events. As teased above, we’re starting this series with a monumental life milestone–weddings. RPG music has always held a special place for Dr. Justin Lyn, so he and his wife incorporated it throughout their special day. Today, he’s here to discuss and guide us through their process for this lovely life event.

Featuring: Hilary Andreff, Dr. Justin Lyn


0:14:43 – Wedding Ceremony Entrances: Faraway Promise – Xenogears – Shattered Memories
0:15:42 – Terra’s Theme – Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY
0:17:21 – Eternity ~Memory of Light and Waves~ – Final Fantasy X-2 OST
0:25:25 – Wedding Ceremony exit – Final Fantasy IV (Distant Worlds ver.)

0:36:18 – First Dance: Melodies of Life – Final Fantasy IX OST
0:42:22 – Terra in Black – Final Fantasy VI / OC Remix

0:57:40 – Highlight video: Don’t Think Twice – Kingdom Hearts III OST
1:02:14 – Slideshow: Simple and Clean – Kingdom Hearts OST
1:05:34 – Face my Fears – Kingdom Hearts III OST

Album Links

Distant Worlds II: more music from FINAL FANTASY

Face My Fears / Hikaru Utada 

FINAL FANTASY IX Original Soundtrack

FINAL FANTASY X-2 Original Soundtrack

Play! A Video Game Symphony

Terra in Black (from OC Remix)

Xenogears – Shattered Memories (Tribute Album)

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Hilary Andreff

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