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Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory-Themed Cafe Opening Up in Tokyo on December 11th

Tomato Pasta From The Kingdom Hearts Cafe In Japan

Hey, remember restaurants? They were these places where you could go and eat food in public during the before-times. Well, some countries are better off than others, because Japan is getting a Kingdom Hearts-themed pop-up cafe to coincide with the recent release of Melody of Memory. I’m not, like, jealous or anything… b-baka.

This temporary etablishment, run by Oh My Cafe, will be open from December 11th, 2020 through January 31st, 2021. Numerous different kinds of food and drink will be available, all with a Kingdom Hearts spin, and there will be merchandise based on the series as well, such as pins and badges. You can check out a full menu, translated by the good folks over at KH13, below!

A special Memory of Melody Café, organized by Oh My Cafe, will be opening in Osaka and Tokyo from December 11, 2020 (Friday) and will close on Jan 31st, 2021. (Sunday)

The café itself will be commemorating the recent release of the brand new game: Memory of Melody.  As such, tons of KH-character themed foods and drinks will be available. You can also purchase special KH-themed goodies at the café’s store.

Here’s a list of all of them:

[Food Menu]

Sora’s Awakening Tomato Pasta (¥1599)

Red tomato pasta in the image of Sora. Comes with a King Mickey potato salad.

Riku’s Twilight Chicken Burger (¥1599)

Light, or darkness? Well, this burger contains both! Comes with a King Mickey potato salad as well.

Kairi’s Memory Cream Stew (¥1599)

A tomato cream stew with the colors of sunset.

Mickey’s Tuna Sandwich (¥1399 | Plate not included. To include the plate, ¥2000 must be paid as a fee.)

A sandwich with tuna and fruits.

Agrabah’s Spicy Curry (¥1699)

Spicy chicken curry, straight from Agrabah!

Neverland’s Seafood Curry (¥1699)

A curry shaped after the Neverland Island. Contains squid and seafood. (Warning: Do not consume if you have seafood allergies.)

[Drink Menu]

NOTE: All drinks below contain a bonus coaster. Upon paying the ¥1000 fee, you’ll get one of the two designs in the photo at random.

Destiny Island Trio’s Herb & Pineapple Soda (¥899 | The client may add an acrylic coaster for ¥1000.)

A soda to remind you of the paopu fruits of the Destiny Islands.

Birth by Sleep Trio’s Wayfinder Blue Lemonade (¥899 | The client may add an acrylic coaster for ¥1000.)

A lemonade that replicates the feeling of a meteor shower.

Disney Trio’s Friendship Strawberry Tea (¥899 | The client may add an acrylic coaster for ¥1000.)

Strawberry tea shaped after the sweet friendship Mickey, Donald and Goofy share.

Days Trio’s Sea salt Ice Cream + Milk Combo (¥1199 | The client may add an acrylic coaster for ¥1000.)

<How to eat:>

1. Grab the warm milk and pour it in your cup.

2. Dip your sea salt ice cream into the cup and wait for it to melt.

3. Enjoy!

100 Acre Wood’s Signature Milk w/Honey (¥799 | Cup can be taken if you pay a ¥1650 fee.)

Milk with Pooh’s favorite honey. Great for relaxing!

[Special Goods]

● Clear File (¥500)

● Acrylic Magnet (¥700)

● Acrylic Keyholder (¥750)

● Notebook (B6 size) (¥800)

● Masking tape set A (¥800) 

● Clear file (w/3 designs to choose from: Keyblade A, B and Timeless River) (¥500)

● Hologram badge set (12 designs): Comes with two options of purchase: You can either buy a random design for ¥400 or just buy all 12 designs in a box for ¥4800.

● Acrylic badge set (12 designs): Also comes with two options of purchase: ¥700 for a random design or ¥8400 for a box containing all 12 designs.

● Embroidered patch set A (6 designs): ¥900 for a random design, ¥5400 for a box containing all designs.

● World Keyholders (3 designs): ¥1000 each. Can choose between Neverland, Agrabah and Wonderland.

● Tote bag (3 designs): ¥3500 each. Can choose between two Keyblade designs (A and B) and one Timeless River design. 

● Pouch bag (3 designs): ¥2800 each. Can choose between two Keyblade designs (A and B) and one Timeless River design. 

This all looks super fun and adorable, and I wish this sort of thing would happen in the United States more often! You know, once we’re all innoculated and stuff. In any case, stay tuned to RPGFan for more information on the Kingdom Hearts series. Be sure to read our review of Melody of Memory as well!

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