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Rhythm RPG Everhood Releases March 4 for Switch and PC

Red in a dance battle with a shopkeeper in Everhood

Foreign Gnomes has announced a March 4 release for their offbeat rhythm RPG Everhood, inspired by acclaimed hits like Undertale. Everhood players control reanimated doll Red as he battles a smorgasbord of monsters ranging from evil ATMs to sunglass-wearing rocker elves. Between rhythm-based combat sections, players will race karts, compete in dance battles, and play all sorts of other minigames.

Everhood looks stuffed to the gills with charming but peculiar characters and quirky dialogue that you can check out for yourself in the trailer below.

The game is coming to Switch and PC, but If you can’t wait until March 4 to experience the wacky hijinks of Everhood yourself, there’s a demo available now containing about half an hour of gameplay on the game’s Steam page.

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Brian Mackenzie

Brian Mackenzie

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