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Rhythm Encounter Returns Monday

Rhythm Encounter Rainbow Waveform

Hello, music fans! I made a big deal last fall about ending Rhythm Encounter’s long hiatus, and our return to… well, any episodes, let alone regularly-scheduled ones.

As you may know, we kept that schedule up pretty well, until February. As it turns out, trying to coordinate, host, and edit every episode of a bi-weekly podcast while managing the whole of RPGFan eventually caught up to me. Oh, and did I mention I moved across the state this spring, too?

I know what you’re thinking, and it’s what several friends at RPGFan told me: Hey, maybe don’t try to do all those things on your own. And so I am not. Thanks to enlisting the help of Jonathan Logan and Micah Coates as editors, we’re finally back on track with Rhythm Encounter. The next five weeks are completely ready to go, and we’re in various planning stages on episodes through November already.

I can’t express how glad I will be to bring Rhythm Encounter back (again), and with way less stress on my part! We greatly appreciate your patience, since we didn’t mean for this to take so long, but things are progressing smoothly. We don’t normally post upcoming content too far in advance here, but this seems like a good time for an exception. Here’s what you can look forward to on Rhythm Encounter starting Monday:

July 19: Endings and Beginnings

An episode specifically focused on both opening and ending themes in RPGs. We changed our typical episode structure here to allow each host to bring one opening and ending, and present the episode in host-based blocks. It was a fun one to put together! I hosted this episode, with insightful commentary by my co-hosts Hilary Andreff, Peter Triezenberg, and Patrick Gann.

August 2: Bravely New World

Like all three of our next wave of episodes, this was actually recorded much earlier in the year, and was intended to coincide with the release of Bravely Default II. This episode celebrates all things Bravely, or at least all things Bravely Default and Bravely Second: End Layer, hosted by Michael Sollosi, with Jonathan Logan and Kaleb Curry.

August 16: Adventure Game Classics

We’ve been kicking around the idea of a podcast based on adventure game music for years. Thankfully, we have enough people on staff that we’ve finally made it happen. Join host Hilary Andreff with fellow adventure game fans Jonathan Logan and Adam Luhrs for an excellent listen to tunes spanning the likes of Monkey Island to Myst III: Exile, and more.

We have plenty more in the works as well. After adventure games, we have a trio of episodes planned around specific games and series, and then some fun ideas around… well, you’ll see. The point is, we’re finally in a good place again on the show, and I wanted to give you a peek. We hope you are looking forward to what’s coming, and enjoy what we have in the works after that!

As always, if you have feedback or ideas for topics, you can let us know in the comments below, or by sending us a message!

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Mike Salbato

Mike Salbato

Mike has been with RPGFan nearly since its inception, and in that time has worn a surprising number of hats for someone who doesn't own a hatstand. Today he attempts to balance his Creative Director role with his Editor-in-Chief status. Despite the amount of coffee in his veins, he bleeds emerald green.

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I'm so happy to hear this! I've been binge listening to you guys since you rebooted back in November (starting all the way at the beginning) so I'm excited to have more new episodes! Thank you!

Mike Salbato
Mike Salbato

@Vikka - Thank YOU for the kind words! We always appreciate hearing stuff like this. Have you had any particular favorite episodes or themes so far?

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