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Shutterbugs Rejoice! TOEM: A Photo Adventure is Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC

TOEM: A Photo Adventure heads to PC and Switch this Fall!

Weary of war and weaponry? Dreading another dreary dungeon dive? All out of alliterative analogies? Well, TOEM: A Photo Adventure is here for us!

Created by the charmingly-named German developer Something We Made, TOEM is a game about photography in a black and white hand-drawn world. Players take control of a photographer and their trusty camera, taking on jobs for various clients, solving puzzles, and exploring the great outdoors. This new trailer was part of today’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase and announced for Nintendo Switch, with a release date of Fall 2021!

The game was previously announced for PC via Steam and is now up for pre-order on both Steam and Switch. Stay tuned to RPGFan as we bring up more developments on this adorable-looking title!

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Emony Tjan

Emony Tjan

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