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ROZEN + REVEN Return To NieR: Automata on New Single

NieR: Automata screenshot of 2B and 9S in the foggy ruins of an abandoned forest castle.

After the release of NieR: Glory to Mankind in 2017, orchestra-pop duo ROZEN + REVEN have returned to NieR: Automata on a new interpretation of “City Ruins (Shade).”

With emotional swells of epic proportions, the single features the Sofia Session Orchestra and Choir alongside lead vocals from REVEN. “City Ruins (Shade)” is also the first taste of ROZEN + REVEN’s forthcoming album, NieR: Become As Gods, which is available to pre-save before it arrives August 27.

Beyond their work within the NieR: Automata universe, ROZEN + REVEN have also collaborated on projects like The Keyblade War and “Fódland Winds.”

For more on the music behind NieR: Automata, read our review of the OST.

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