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Get Deep With Marine Adventure Nautilus Epoch

Nautilus Epoch announced for Steam

Indie developer ZAPERART has announced their first RPG: Nautilus Epoch. The ocean-going adventure will take players deep underwater to explore the mysteries of the deep across multiple time periods, from the Cretaceous (that’s when the absolutely terrifying shark-come-crocodile Mosasaur lived) up to modern times.

The game centres around an island-dwelling girl named Lily who lives on the Adriatic Sea, who upon making contact with a strange seashell, finds herself transported to the future where the oceans have vanished. It then becomes her mission to restore the world’s ecology by traveling through time with the aid of a being called The Wonderer, battling against foes using light-based skills inspired by bioluminescence.

ZAPERART has drawn inspiration from games such as Ecco the Dolphin, Terranigma, and Chrono Trigger to weave together this time-spanning adventure, as well as creator Roko Zaper’s own experiences with the sea and oceanic life.

Nautilus Epoch is due out on December 15th, 2022 via Steam.

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