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Lost Judgment Sets Up A Mature Story and Showcases English Dub in New Trailers

Yagami looking rough in Lost Judgment

Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio released two new trailers for Lost Judgment, the sequel to the detective-focused Judgment and second entry within the Yakuza spin-off series. The near seven-minute story trailer showcases and sets up the narrative of Lost Judgment wherein protagonist Takayuki Yagami seeks to once again solve a layered mystery striking at the heart of the Japanese legal system and those that would use its foibles for their own ends. Check out the trailer below!

As seen above, Takayuki Yagami is brought in to investigate a sexual assault case perpetrated by Akihiro Ehara, a disgraced police officer. Ehara reveals information during his court proceedings and sentencing about a prior murder of a student teacher leading Yagami and his allies onto a path to uncover the truth at the heart of both connected mysteries, intermingled with over-the-top action sequences that the Yakuza and Judgment series are known for. Lost Judgment will be set within the streets of Yokohama and Tokyo, replete with zany side quests, sleuthing minigames, and real-time action combat, as an accompaniment to the mature narrative it seeks to tell within its playtime.

In other news, Sega graced us with another new trailer showcasing the game’s English dub! Watch the trailer below:

The English cast for Lost Judgment includes many returning faces from the first game. The cast includes:

Takayuki Yagami
Voiced by: Greg Chun
Akihiro Ehara
Voiced by: Artt Butler
Masaharu Kaito
Voiced by: Crispin Freeman
Saori Shirosaki
Voiced by: Stephanie Sheh
Jin Kuwana
Voiced by:Todd Haberkorn
Kazuki Soma
Voiced by: Matt Y. King
Yoko Sawa
Voiced by: Erika Lindbeck
Toru Higashi
Voiced by: Steve Blum
Issei Hoshino
Voiced by: Joe Zieja

If you’re curious about what RPGFan thought of Judgment, the previous game in this spin-off series, feel free to check out our first (for PS4) and second (for PS5) reviews, penned by Zach Wilkerson and Jonathan Logan respectively.

Lost Judgment will release worldwide on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on September 24th.

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