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Phoenix Edge Ep. 180 – Final Fantasy VI-Inspired JRPG on Kickstarter – Developer Interview

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In this special episode, the panel welcomes indie RPG developer Something Classic (Shadows of Adam, Pillars of Dust) to discuss their latest Kickstarter project, Quartet, a new turn-based JRPG designed for the modern player. Tyler (Producer, Composer), Patrick (Director, Writer), and Peter (Programmer) give an overview of the game, which features 8 playable characters with connected stories and instant character swapping during battle. The team discuss their inspirations for Quartet, which include Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy X, Wild ARMs, and more. A fun and informative conversation about the goals, challenges, and general game design philosophy when it comes to Quartet, JRPGs, and the wider scene of indie game development.

A free 1 hour demo of Quartet is available on the game’s Kickstarter page.

The game is more than halfway to its initial goal, but still needs more support to be successful. Additional stretch goals include console ports to Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5. Try out the free demo and consider supporting Something Classic‘s ambitious JRPG project, Quartet.

  • [0:54] – Introducing Something Classic Developers
  • [07:27]- Quartet‘s Kickstarter
  • [23:27] – RPGs that Inspired Quartet
  • [30:20] – Worldbuilding & Story in Quartet
  • [47:18] – Design Philosophy of Quartet‘s Characters
  • [53:56] – Class Based Battle System
  • [01:00:17] – Challenges of Coding Quartet
  • [01:12:10] – Composing RPG Music
  • [01:15:32] – Quartet‘s Narrative Tone
  • [01:23:45] – Quartet‘s Release Window
  • [01:27:51] – Most important element of an RPG
  • [01:35:42] – Small Team Size in RPG Development
  • [01:39:20] – Lessons Learned from Shadows of Adam
  • [01:44:28] – Advice for New Game Developers

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Stan Marlow

Stan Marlow

Stan is part of RPGFan Media Partner Phoenix Edge, a weekly RPG podcast on YouTube. His first RPG was Final Fantasy IV. Today he spends his days in an office and on the side - when not podcasting - writes articles about storytelling in games. He is also designing a couple board games, a task that he is learning is harder than expected.

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