Wild ARMs


Wild ARMs is a wild-west style adventure set on the world of Filgaia. It follows the adventure of Rudy Roughnight, Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde, and Jack Van Burace as they seek to restore their dying world against the alien menace of the Quarter Knights and the evil Mother.

The game is a mix of action-adventure mechanics and traditional turn-based combat, using individual character skills to solve dungeon traps, while combat plays out on a 3D battle screen using an assortment of spells and attacks. Perhaps most remembered for its animated intro by Studio Madhouse and music by Michiko Naruke, the game spawned multiple sequels and remakes, and is considered a classic of the original Sony PlayStation library.

Game Reviews

Review Author Platform Score
Wild ARMs Ken Chu Sony PlayStation
Wild ARMs Neal Chandran Sony PlayStation 3

Music Reviews

Review Author Released
alone the world – Wild Arms Vocal Collection Patrick Gann July 24, 2002
Wild Arms Complete Tracks Patrick Gann April 5, 2006
Wild Arms Complete Tracks Dennis Rubinshteyn April 5, 2006
Wild Arms Music the Best -feeling wind- Patrick Gann August 23, 2006
Wild Arms Music the Best -rocking heart- Derek Strange October 4, 2006
Wild Arms Music the Best -rocking heart- Vincent T. J. Sier Chorley October 4, 2006
Wild Arms Original Game Soundtrack Patrick Gann January 22, 1997