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FromSoftware to Share a ‘Glimpse’ of Elden Ring Gameplay on November 4th

Elden Ring Artwork 004

FromSoftware fans rejoice as they announced on Twitter that a 15 minute gameplay preview of Elden Ring will be shown on November 4th. See the YouTube video below; the premiere is set for 7am PST/10am EST. This comes ahead of the network test announcement which starts later this month.

Elden Ring is tracked to release on February 25th, 2022 for PC, PS4/PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

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Steven Mattern

Steven Mattern

Steven Mattern was a News Writer and Music Reviewer for RPGFan. Relatively new to RPGs in the grand scheme of the genre, he often resonates with soundtracks of titles more than the game itself. Music is one of the most vital parts of any game to him; so even if the gameplay or story doesn't age well or hold up, the soundtrack can leave a positive impression. Games aside, he loves science fiction and fantasy films and has a knack for podcasts. Steven also lives with (maybe) never enough cats.

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