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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Soundtracks Available to Stream Free, or Buy

Final Fantasy: Pixel Remaster Logos

Square Enix has released the soundtracks to all six Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster titles, though not in the ways you might think.

Each one of the soundtracks are available for free listening on Square Enix Music’s website. Obviously the entire site is in Japanese, but if you’d like to listen to any of the music, it is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. The soundtracks are also purchasable in digital formats through, and via the iTunes Store. While all six albums are available via the U.S. iTunes Store and other regions, linking to them is not working properly as of this writing. Instead, we encourage you to check iTunes as a search for “pixel remaster” will display the albums. So in lieu of direct links, have a screenshot as proof!

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Soundtracks in iTunes

Square Enix has been very adamant and willing to release their music in an easy way for fans to stream, especially with the release of their YouTube channel Square Enix music. We can only hope that maybe these soundtracks will eventually make their way to said channel (which has no shortage of Final Fantasy songs), where they’ll be even more accessible to more fans!

2:25pm Update: The iTunes links we shared in the original version of this story were not working for some people, so we updated that section above. Assuming this is an iTunes issue that gets ironed out later, these are the direct links:

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