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Anonymous;Code to Launch July 28th in Japan

Anonymous;Code Screenshot of a girl in pigtails wearing a pink bear-like hoodie in a modern city. The game is published by Spike Chunsoft.

Anonymous;Code, the latest entry in the Science Adventure visual novel series which includes games such as Steins;Gate, has received a release date of July 28th in Japan. The title is set to release for both PS4 and Nintendo Switch. A new trailer was also released alongside the announcement, this can be found below. MAGES, the developer and publisher of the game, have also announced that a new gameplay trailer will debut on April 1st.

Anonymous;Code was first announced by MAGES back in 2015, and was initially planned to release on both PS4 and Vita. For obvious reasons, the Vita version of the title was cancelled as the development of the game progressed. Luckily for those wanting to purchase the game on a handheld device, MAGES decided upon a Nintendo Switch release, which should serve as a fine replacement of the Vita version.

This latest entry in the Science Adventure series begins in 2036, where an incident involving rampant computers has resulted in the destruction of major cities across the world. The incident is declared the “2036 Problem.”

A similar problem is predicted to occur in the year 2038. In order to help predict the outcome of these events, scientists created an “Earth Simulator,” however, the project was unsuccessful as the potential for human birth was too low. The scientist behind the experiment then introduced the “Arecibo Message,” which enabled them to succeed in bringing human life to the world they had created within the “Earth Simulator.” Unexpectedly, those living inside the simulator created their own version of the machine, leading the scientists to question their own existence. Perhaps they too are products of an “Earth Simulator”.

Unfortunately, there is no information surrounding a possible western release for the title, though of course as news does emerge regarding the title’s localisation, you can expect an update on RPGFan! Anonymous;Code releases July 28th in Japan on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, a price has not yet been determined at this time.

Source: Gematsu

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