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Tetsuya Nomura Shares Kingdom Hearts Sketch Ahead of April 10th Anniversary Event

Kingdom Hearts HD screenshot of Sora, Donald, and Goofy looking determined.

The Kingdom Hearts anniversary event is quickly approaching! In anticipation of the event, Tetsuya Nomura has shared a celebratory sketch on social media. Posting the image on March 28th, the 20th anniversary of the original Kingdom Hearts, Nomura thanked fans for their congratulatory messages. The series director also reminded fans of the upcoming event, taking place on April 10th.

Good evening. Thank you for your 20th anniversary congratulatory message. I’m sorry that the preparations for the 20th anniversary event are currently unsuccessful, but I have no preparations today. I started drawing pictures for the 20th anniversary yesterday, and I’m thrilled if I can make it in time for the event. Thank you for your continued support

Tetsuya Nomura via Twitter

The sketch, which features characters such as Sora and Xehanort, is difficult to make out due to the anniversary branding that shrouds the image! The full artwork will most likely be revealed at the Tokyo based anniversary event, which takes place in just a few weeks! Tickets for the event are currently available through the Square Enix Members website, however these tickets are distributed through a lottery system so may be difficult to acquire. Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that photography and recording of video will be prohibited at the event. This means that those hoping to get a glimpse of the full artwork will likely have to wait for official Kingdom Hearts social media accounts to reveal it.

Kingdom Hearts fans don’t have much longer to wait for the April 10th event, and excitement is building! Many are speculating over what could possibly be announced, with some even predicting that the next major instalment in the series may be revealed. Regardless, it’s sure to be a busy news day for the franchise! Make sure to check back with RPGFan following the event, where we’ll be sure to cover all the announcements.

Source: Siliconera

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