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Raw Fury and Stitch Heads Unleashing Superhero Action RPG Superfuse This Year

Superfuse artwork of a squad of four armor-clad superheroes plunging into battle with alien-like beasts against a silhouetted city backdrop.

Publisher Raw Fury, alongside developer Stitch Heads, have announced Superfuse! This upcoming release is a superhero action RPG, and will be Raw Fury’s biggest title yet. Raw Fury have announced that Superfuse will enter Early Access this year, followed by a full release in 2023. The publisher has also released a reveal trailer, which you can view below:

This comicbook-inspired ARPG will have players hack-and-slash their way through hordes of enemies with an extremely robust skill-tree system which will let players tailor powers to fit their playstyle. Players will be able to tackle the challenges of the galaxy either solo or with up to 4-player co-op.

Raw Fury

Superfuse is set in a universe where humanity have long since left the dying Earth. Corporate elites that funded humanity’s escape now live a life of wealth and luxury. This wealth has allowed them to artificially extend their lives and gain superpowers through augmentation. This has resulted in the wealthy becoming gods among a humanity struggling to survive.

A threat known as the Corruption has lead to the wealthy creating the Enforcers, a patrol force made up of regular people granted the superpowers to fight against these shambling monsters. Players will take on the role of an Enforcer, and must do whatever is needed to maintain order and protect the future of humanity!

Key Features to Expect From Superfuse

From the Superfuse website it’s clear the game has a lot of ambition, and the page outlines an array of key features that players can expect from the game.

These features include:

• Dynamic skill trees: Pick your class then apply fuses to your powers to create all sorts of unique skills. Reallocate and redesign your powers strategically to counter powerful bosses. The same character can play wildly different person to person!
• Loot: Optimize your perfect hero with powerful weapons, hi-tech armor, and boosters. Collect hundreds of different types of loot with randomized stat to make your hero more powerful. Trade loot with friends or sell it to earn credits for the items you crave.
• Play solo or co-op: Play the campaign solo offline or build a hero for online 4-player PvE drop-in/out co-op campaign modes. Mix and match your classes to create the perfect team.
• Procedurally generated levels: Never fight the same path twice with levels that reshape themselves every time you play.
• Fully voiced, story-driven campaign: Fully voiced characters and NPCs are brought to life through the skills of talent like award-winning actor Eli Harris who voices the Berserker class.

Raw Fury

Superfuse launches into Early Access later this year on PC via Steam. Raw Fury have not currently announced an exact date for the EA or full release of the title. They have also made no comment on whether the game will be made available on other platforms. Make sure to keep an eye on RPGFan, where we will make sure to cover any news regarding this information as it is made available.

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