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You Have Until May 15th* to Tell Atlus to Port Their Games to Other Consoles and PC

A showcase for the colorful art of Persona 4 Golden by Atlus

US residents, just a quick heads up that Atlus have their annual survey up until May 15th, so you might consider making your voice heard if you have around 45 minutes to spare this weekend. The announcement video is below.

*The deadline is this Sunday, but it’s unclear which timezone will be used as an end time, and “dates and times are subject to change.”

Thank you for your ongoing patronage of our games.

Each year at Atlus we hold an online survey for a wide range of users, and this year there will be an English version for those in North America.


Survey results assist us in delivering unique and compelling gaming experiences, as we continue to pursue development that values passion and ambition.

We look forward to your responses.

You’ll mostly be asked about your gaming and shopping habits, where and why you play, and your thoughts on some of their game catalog. The exciting part’s toward the end when they ask which platforms you’d play ports, remakes, and new entries in Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey on. They even ask about Vanillaware games like Odin Sphere Leifthrasir and deep cuts like Digital Devil Saga. Who can say how much the survey results will factor into Atlus’ plans, but they probably wouldn’t have gone through all this effort if it didn’t matter.

Speaking of things that matter, keep up to date on all things Atlus by reading RPGFan!

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