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Play Alterium Shift Now With Free Demo Version

Alterium Shift screenshot of party members Pyra and Dolion casting Meteor against a huge treant foe.

During the 2022 Guerilla Collective showcase, we got a brief look at an indie JRPG titled Alterium Shift. The game is a love letter to classic JRPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI co-developed by two friends, Drass_Ray and Mottzy. The title is currently in development for Windows PC, macOS, and unspecified consoles.

A free demo for Alterium Shift is currently available on the game’s Steam page and Check out a trailer for the demo down below!

Join three heroes in training as they learn to master their individual strengths and harness the power of Alterium Essence. With their training nearly completed, Dolion, their teacher, prepares them for the most important mission they’ve faced yet.

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Thanks for the itch link (I'm not signed up to Steam)!! 👍🏼 😸

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