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Ooblets Leaves Early Access This Summer

Ooblets screenshot

Developer Glumberland announced that their farm and town management/creature collecting title Ooblets will be leaving Early Access this Summer. This was previously announced during Nintendo’s last Indie World Showcase, but it bears repeating. (It’s a great game!)

Players are tasked with running and improving a farm while customizing various aspects of their character, collecting various items, and decorating their house. At the same time, they can raise creatures called “ooblets” that come from plants they grow and subsequently take part in dance battles against other ones… as one should expect to have happen! When not dancing up a storm, you can explore unique biomes around town featuring their own colorful denizens and special ooblets, and maybe even find an Ooblet Club to join that is in line with your personality!

The official announcement trailer for the 1.0 launch was shared during the Wholesome Direct 2022.

Ooblets looks to be a very fun, very zany game indeed! It will be leaving Early Access in Summer 2022. Gamers can dance the night away on PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. You can learn more about this charming title on its official website. Stay tuned to RPGFan for future news!

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Audra Bowling

Audra Bowling

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