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LIVE A LIVE Receives New Trailers for ‘Present Day’ and ‘The Distant Future’ Time Periods

LIVE A LIVE (Remake) Artwork of the game's cast of characters behind text that says "From Across Time and Space, Assemble"

Square Enix have released a new set of trailers for the upcoming LIVE A LIVE HD-2D remake, which is set to release in just under two months on July 22nd! The release of the two new trailers, which give us a look at both the “Present Day” and “The Distant Future” time periods, now means that the company has released short trailers for all the time periods that players will experience whilst playing the title.

LIVE A LIVE “Present Day” Short Trailer

In this chapter, you will assume the role of Masaru Takahara, a mixed martial artist who, like many, dreams of becoming the world’s strongest fighter. He truly believes he has what it takes to claim the title, and by making the skills of other masters his own, he intends to prove himself. Muay Thai, professional wrestling, lucha libre, Koppo, sambo, and sumo—he strives to learn the most powerful techniques of these storied traditions and more. All he needs to do is to bait his opponents into revealing their secrets…

LIVE A LIVE “The Distant Future” Short Trailer

“The Distant Future” tells a tragedy that happens in the transport freighter Cogito Ergo Sum. In this chapter, you will assume the role of Cube, an autonomous support unit built by the engineer Kato. Alas, as a series of incidents put the safety and well-being of the ship’s crew in jeopardy, tensions mount and tempers flare, and Cube finds themselves swept up in their disputes…

If you haven’t yet seen the trailers for the other periods, and you’d also like to see some gameplay for the title, check out RPGFan’s coverage below:

It’s still hard to believe that LIVE A LIVE will finally be available in western regions on July 22nd, and the fact that Square Enix have chosen to completely remake it in their HD-2D art style only sweetens the deal! For more coverage on LIVE A LIVE and all the other Square Enix RPGs coming our way, RPGFan is the place to be.

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