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Capcom Showcase Reveals New Monsters, Free Demo, and More for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak screenshot of Espinas, a dragon monster with iridescent wings flying in the sky surrounded by intense green lightning.

Capcom threw Monster Hunter fans a few more bones at their June 13th showcase, revealing a handful of new and returning monsters, a classic hunting zone, a new demo, and even a content roadmap before Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on June 30th for Nintendo Switch and Steam. Here’s the trailer:

Dragons and Spiders and Crabs, Oh My!

The trailer above offers glimpses of four previously unannounced monsters available for the hunting in Sunbreak:

  • Gore Magala, the ornery adolescent Elder Dragon on the cover of Monster Hunter 4.
  • Espinas, a venomous thorn-adorned wyvern that was formerly exclusive to the Monster Hunter Frontier and Monster Hunter Online MMORPGs.
  • Daimyo Hermitaur, a giant enemy crab that debuted in Monster Hunter 2 and borrows a wyvern skull for its shell.
  • Pyre Rakna-Kadaki, a more-explosive new twist on Monster Hunter Rise‘s signature fiery arachnid.

Also returning from previous games is the Jungle map: a patchwork of beaches, vegetation, caverns, and ruins that first appeared in Monster Hunter 2 for the PS2.

New Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Media

Alongside the new trailer, feast your eyes on new Sunbreak monster and area artwork…

…along with brand new screenshots. See even more on our Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak game hub.

Look Under Your Seat! It’s a Free Demo!

Also announced at the June 13th showcase is a free demo for Switch and PC, releasing June 14th. The demo gives players an early chance to try out the new gameplay changes (including new Silkbind techniques) and get their first crack at hunting Astalos (returning from the Monster Hunter Generations games) and Malzeno (Sunbreak‘s cover Elder Dracula Dragon) in the new Jungle hunting grounds.

The demo supports four-player co-op (if you have a Nintendo Switch Online membership) and also includes introductory hunts intended to teach players the new gameplay tricks Sunbreak has to offer. It’s available for free, but the Switch version requires a Nintendo Account and 3.2 GB of space on your Switch or a microSD card. The demo does not carry over progress or accomplishments to the full version of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

What the Future Holds

At the end of the Sunbreak portion of the presentation, viewers were treated to a scene of a Lucent Nargacuga looming over the Forlorn Arena map. In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lucent Nargacuga is a dangerous Narga subspecies capable of briefly turning invisible; in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and a few later games, the Forlorn Arena is a section of a ruined tower where a few specific Master-rank hunts take place.

Lucent Nargacuga and the Forlorn Arena will be added to Sunbreak in a free title update to take place in August 2022; more currently-unannounced monsters will be added in the same update. Capcom plans two additional 2022 free title updates, one in the fall and one in the winter, as well as more in 2023. In its two 2021 free title updates, Capcom added nine monsters and several new features.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases on June 30th, 2022 for Switch and Steam, but requires the Rise base game before you can start playing the new content. Learn more on the official Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak website, and be sure to follow RPGFan for all of your co-op wvyern-trapping and dragon-slaying RPG news, and happy hunting!

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