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Dragon Quest Treasures: Story and Gameplay Details Revealed

Dragon Quest Treasures screenshot

In a new blog post, Square Enix has shared the most extensive look yet at the story and gameplay of Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures was a surprise announcement last year. The game stars Erik, a party member from Dragon Quest XI, and his sister Mia, but this story takes place when they are much younger. The pair live on a Viking ship and long to explore the world and search for treasure. After encountering a pair of creatures that will become their spirit guides, the siblings find themselves in the world of Draconia. The place is full of monsters, but it’s also full of treasure, and Erik and Mia set off in search of the seven Dragonstones.

During their quest for the Dragonstones, Erik and Mia work with their spirit guides Purrsula and Porcus to find treasure and to battle and befriend monsters. Both siblings are playable, and their progress is shared so you can switch between them freely.

Befriended monsters will help you in battle, but they also have field skills to help find treasures and traverse the world of Draconia. Treasures you collect are appraised when you return to base, and collecting a variety of them will help develop your base and improve your treasure hunting skills.

There are some additional details and the promise of more to come in Square Enix’s official blog post, but Dragon Quest Treasures looks like a nice extra helping of fan favorites from Dragon Quest XI.

Dragon Quest Treasures launches on December 9th for Nintendo Switch. Keep reading RPGFan for more DQ news!

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