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Learn the Secrets of Beacon Pines When It Launches on September 22nd

Beacon Pines screenshot of a quaint watercolor town center populated by animal folk.

Beacon Pines, a new game title from independent publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Hiding Spot Games, was revealed and it will be launching on September 22nd. The cute and creepy storybook adventure game will be coming to Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and PC (Steam & Epic Game Store) for $19.99. Additionally, it has also been revealed that it will also be made available on the Nintendo Switch for the same price.

The launch date trailer recently went live:

In Beacon Pines, you play as both the book’s reader and protagonist Luka. There will be instances of staying up late, meeting new people, learning secrets, and gathering words that will alter the course of fate. You’ll be navigating the turning points of the story with the choices you make as the book’s reader.

The visuals in Beacon Pines are magnificent and I am pretty sure this game will be perfectly played handheld, as is my preference. The characters do appear cute and cozy, but the story has a lot more to tell. If you want to read more info about the gameplay, RPGFan has a Beacon Pines feature written by Tina Olah. If you also want to see it for yourself, the demo is available on Steam right now.

Beacon Pines will be available in just under a month on September 22nd. Follow RPGFan to stay up to date with the latest information.

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