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New Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Features Revealed at TGS 2022

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection screenshot

Capcom has revealed more Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection features at Tokyo Game Show 2022, including online functionality. The director, Masakazu “Mr. Famous” Eguchi, did not go into full details, but he noted that online battles and chip trading will be available across all ten titles in the collection. Fans of the original games will adore this feature at this age because it makes it easier to connect with other players without having to use a Game Boy Advance link cable during the old days.

The Capcom stream also shared and reconfirmed additional features such as the Personal Terminal (PET) screen, a voiced 3D avatar of Mega Man as the player’s Navi in the selection screens, an art gallery boasting over 1,000 character and concept design illustrations across the franchise, the option to toggle a high-quality image filter, and a music player that includes 188 songs from the games’ soundtracks. Isn’t Capcom being very generous?

PET screen with a 3D Mega Man Navi

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection
The Mega Man Navi will say different things depending on the player’s playstyle.

Art Gallery

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Screenshot 002

Music Player

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Screenshot 003

There will be two volumes total for the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection; the first three games will be in Volume 1, while the last four games will be in Volume 2. Take a peek at our previous coverage of the launch trailer that June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini and visit the official website for more details. 

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection will launch on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam in 2023. Unfortunately, we still do not have a specific date for its release at this time. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news as we await the release date to be revealed!

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