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Rhythm Encounter 94 – Masafumi Takada: Trigger Happy Cyber Sleuth

Rhythm Encounter 94 - Masafumi Takada

Composer Masafumi Takada is likely not as well known as some VGM composers by name, but it’s very likely you have at least heard of the games he has worked on, especially the Danganronpa series. It’s been awhile since our last composer-centric episode—we gushed about the wonderful Kumi Tanioka in episode 79—so we knew it was time to do another. Join us on a journey of strategy, murder, digital monsters, and possibly more murder. Happy Pre-Halloween!

Featuring: Mike Salbato, Patrick Gann, Neal Chandran, Gio Castillo; Edited by Mike Salbato


0:08:39 – Climax Reasoning/Closing Argument (Masafumi Takada) – Danganronpa OST
0:12:41 – Something Eroding (Masafumi Takada) – Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth OST
0:31:00 – Welcome to this Wonderful Space (Masafumi Takada) – Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth OST
0:35:38 – La fille aux cheveux de lin (Masafumi Takada and Torn) – Flower, Sun, and Rain
0:57:03 – Tomorrow to start (Masafumi Takada) – Epica Stella (Vanguard Bandits) OST
1:00:00 – HOPPER’s vol.1 [Bonus Track] (Masafumi Takada) – The Silver #02 + PARADE
1:30:02 – Gio’s Bonus Track!

Album Links

Danganronpa Original Soundtrack

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Original Soundtrack

Epica Stella (Vanguard Bandits) Original Soundtrack

The Silver #02+ PARADE (The Silver Case)

water ~For Relaxing Time~ (Flower, Sun, and Rain)

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