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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s Third Free Update Arrives November 24th

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Screenshot

Capcom has announced a release date for the third free title update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. The Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of the update will be available on November 24th. Just like the previous second title update, the upcoming one will be loaded with content. Discover more about the scheduled free title coming this week and other Sunbreak DLC additions by watching the trailer down below.

More weekly event quests, additional Anomaly Research quests, new paid DLC, and more monsters will all be included in the update. Gear up and get ready to face three new monsters, including Chaotic Gore Magala and two Risen Elder Dragons, Risen Kushala Daora, and Risen Teostra.

The Three New Monsters in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Update

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Screenshot
Chaotic Gore Magala
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Screenshot
Risen Teostra
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Screenshot
Risen Kushala Daora

Anomaly Quests Going up to Rank A7

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Screenshot 090

The level cap for the Anomaly Quests will be raised up to 200, and players will now be able to lower some of the levels. Moreover, there will be more categories to improve in Qurious Crafting and a new method to pick better stats.

Layered Weapons

Get various special rewards when you clear event quests and match your gear with a new layered weapons system. The update will also come alongside a paid DLC titled “Stuffed Monster Series” if you want more plush weapons to choose from.

Free DLC Voice “Kagami” 

Introducing the Captain of the Royal Secret Service, Kagami! Embody the “Snow Dragon” and show off your skills with the Dual Blades with this new free player voice DLC for your Hunter! Kagami is voiced by the one and only Arin Hanson!

The third free title update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will go live on November 24th. The game is available now for Switch and PC via Steam. Capcom also announced on its official website that two more free title updates are arriving in 2023. Stay tuned to RPGFan for all the latest news on Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

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