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The Outbound Ghost Hits Switch and PlayStation, Plus New Content Announced

The Outbound Ghost Screenshot

Publisher Digerati alongside developer Conradical Games has announced that The Outbound Ghost will be coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation this week. The Paper Mario-inspired RPG will hit PS4 and PS5 on November 30th with the Switch release following a day later on December 1st.

The digital version of the game is priced at $24.99 USD. However, those of you who pick the game up upon release will be able to take advantage of a limited-time 20% discount. Physical copies of the game are also available and are being distributed by Merge Games.

The title is also expected to release on Xbox sometime shortly after.

The Outbound Ghost – Console Announcement Trailer:

The Outbound Ghost is a story-driven adventure that combines exploration, turn-based combat, and crafting. Set in the titular Outbound, a small town with a mysterious and tragic past, players must help
the ghostly residents resolve their earthly burdens so they can find peace and ascend to the afterlife.

New Content Inbound

Ahead of The Outbound Ghost‘s console debut, developer Conradical Games has announced that they’ll be rolling out free updates for the title in the coming months. These updates include the following:

November 2022
French, Spanish, and German language options
New NPCs and sidequests
Remastered soundtrack (OST will also be made available on Steam, Spotify,
YouTube and other services to coincide with the update being released)

December 2022
New Game +
Status presentation rework

Aspect UI rework
More post-game bosses
Map/quick-travel rework
Objective/Party Chat addition

Players should note that the dates given above refer to the PC version of the game. Updates for consoles will release at a later date.

The Outbound Ghost releases on PlayStation and Switch in just a matter of days, on November 30th and December 1st respectively. For more information, make sure to take a look at RPGFan’s review of The Outbound Ghost or read our interview with the developer, Conrad Grindheim.

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