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Final Fantasy XVI Releases June 22nd, 2023, “Revenge” Trailer, Collector’s Edition Details [UPDATED]

Final Fantasy XVI screenshot

Tonight at The Game Awards, Final Fantasy XVI (and FFXIV) Producer Naoki Yoshida made an appearance to finally reveal the release date of the first new mainline Final Fantasy since 2016: Final Fantasy XVI is releasing for PlayStation 5 on June 22nd, 2023. Here’s a new trailer:

Earlier today Insider Gaming shared some apparently leaked details on pre-order and deluxe edition bonuses, but these were not shown during the presentation. We will update this story when we learn more!

Update, December 9th: We now have official information and images for Final Fantasy XVI‘s Deluxe and Collector’s Editions, and a new batch of screenshots! First, screenshots, and then keep reading for all the details on the game’s different editions.

Final Fantasy XVI – Latest Screenshots

Final Fantasy XVI Standard Edition

Final Fantasy XVI Cover Art (US, Standard Edition)
That cat paw is freaking me out, man.

The Standard Edition ($69.99 USD) includes the game only, but pre-ordering will also net you the gil-boosting Cait Sith Charm and Braveheart weapon.

Final Fantasy XVI Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy XVI Cover Art (US, Deluxe Edition)
I gotta say, I’m a sucker for a nice slipcase or map, and this has both.

The Deluxe Edition ($99.99 USD) contains the game, a “Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case” (how could I NOT use the official description?), and a cloth map of FFXVI’s world of Valisthea. It all comes inside the slick monotone slipcase seen above, too.

Final Fantasy XVI Digital Deluxe Edition

Final Fantasy XVI Cover Art (US, Digital Deluxe Edition)
If you’re content with “mini,” these are nice bonuses!

The Digital Deluxe Edition ($89.99 USD) differs significantly from the physical one, but I suppose it’s hard to deliver a cloth map digitally. In place of a SteelBook and map are a digital mini artbook and digital mini soundtrack. If Masayoshi Soken’s work here is as great as we expect, music fans are likely going to want the full soundtrack, so your mileage may vary with these “mini” bonuses. This edition includes one extra pre-order bonus not available elsewhere except the CE below (in addition to the Cait Sith Charm and Braveheart): the Scholar’s Spectacles increase earned EXP.

Final Fantasy XVI Collector’s Edition

Final Fantasy XVI Cover Art (US, Collectors Edition)
Dat Amano art tho

And finally, we have the big one, because what major RPG release is complete without a gargantuan Collector’s Edition? Final Fantasy XVI’s Collector’s Edition does not yet have pricing info, but it contains enough that I’m making a list:

  • The game case, with reversible cover art
  • That same Special Clive Rosfield SteelBook® Case as above
  • Valisthea cloth map
  • A premium statue of the Eikons Phoenix and Ifrit locked in battle
  • Metal Eikon Pin Collection – My personal favorite bonus, these 8 pins represent the Eikons in the game
  • Blood Sword in-game weapon, interestingly and specifically described by Square Enix as “the fabled scarlet steel of Firion, hero of Final Fantasy II.” Which, you know, it IS, but how often does FFII get name-dropped?
  • Scholar’s Spectacles (EXP boost) item. Surprisingly, there is no mention of this version also including the Cait Sith Charm to recoup some of your gil after buying this version.
  • Finally, and perhaps most obviously, this is all packaged in a massive box wrapped in stunning artwork by the legendary and unmistakable Yoshitaka Amano. If the art wasn’t cool enough on its own, it will even be a metallic print, so if you have a shelf big enough for it, it will no doubt look great!

The physical versions of the Standard and Deluxe edition are up for pre-order now on the Square Enix Store, while the digital versions are available for pre-order on the PlayStation Store. The Collector’s Edition pre-orders will go live Monday, December 12th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST / 6pm GMT, so get your pre-order finger ready. You wouldn’t want to be like me and regretting missing out on that Passage of Arms Paladin statue from Endwalker or anything. Even if my bank account was grateful.

As always, RPGFan will keep you updated on all things Final Fantasy XVI! We will no doubt be hearing more as its June 22nd, 2023 release draws ever nearer.

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